About Us

Take-Out Grocery is a service based business that delivers groceries to a wide drnowmd.com of clients.The company provides prompt and convenient delivery services to a variety of consumers with various needs.The uniqueness of this company is that consumers are able to enjoy savings and grocery products from their favourite grocery stores.

.Take-Out Grocery does not keep any inventory, grocery items are delivered to the clients home the same day as they are purchased from the store, maximizing the freshness of the products.

groceries At Take-Out Grocery, our mission and goal is to deliver fresh and nutritious grocery products to our clients from the grocery store of their choice. This is accomplished through a customer-centred approach where the company eventually become so familiar with our client’s grocery needs that detailed orders will no longer be necessary.Take-Out Grocery’s mantra is “Save Money, Eat Healthy.” This in a nutshell is the company’s main philosophy, to save money and precious time for our clients while promoting healthy eating habits.