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Grocery products you love.
From your favourite grocery store.
Delivered to your door.
Saving you time.

Grocery products you love – we understand that not everyone can get to the grocery store so we are here to bring the groceries to you.

  • Receive fresh produce that meet your expectations
  • Choose the brand and size you would like
  • Your bread and eggs will be in good hands


From your favourite grocery store – you can choose your favourite grocery store.

Take-out Grocery does your groceries and delivers them to your door.

  • No Frills
  • Price Chopper
  • Freshco
  • Metro
  • Food Basics
  • Bulk Barn

Delivered to your door – schedule a convenient time for your delivery.

  • Refridgerated and frozen foods will be stored appropriately to keep them safe
  • Heavy items like soft drinks and large items like paper towels are no problem
  • Delivered to your home, apartment or condo

Save time – making your grocery list is all the time it takes.

  • Save the travel time and the shopping time
  • No need to take a cab or buses
  • Save the stress when you do not have to shop with your small children in tow

To order – call 647–344-4290 or order@takeoutgrocery.ca


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  1. I would like to thank you for the smoothie ideas. I’ve been making them since early December, finding it easy and fast to make nutritious meal replacements. There is a big increase in my energy levels.

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