Testimonial 1 – Take Out grocery is a very efficient delivery service.  I phone in my grocery list and they me a date and time it will arrive.  the delivery comes on time.  They are very reliable.  I highly recommend them.

Don L.

Testimonial 2 – I wish to extend my thanks to one of your employees by the name of Jimmy.  He has been such an exceptional and kind individual to not only myself but to my dear aunt as well.  She has been ordering from Takeout Grocery for some time now and Jimmy has been helpful through it all.  He is very polite when he takes her order and he even goes the extra ile to help her.  I am also pleased to know that this company is such a great service to those who are disabled such as a good accommodation to the community.  Thank you again Jimmy and Takeout grocery for all that you do and provide.  It is an excellent service!


Ann C.

Testimonial 3 – I absolutely love this service.  It is so convenient for me, Jimmy will go to whatever grovery store I would like and this I find is really great.  I do not have to go out and deal with crowds of people as I have a fear of crowds.  I get all of my groceries that I for and Jimmy is very professional and yet very friendly.  Whenever I call, Heather is also friendly, and very kind.  I am truly grateful for this service.


Elaine S.

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